Lead Your Staff and Residents
to a Healthier Future

The IPS Hub, year round digital infection prevention training and support for aged care

Three steps to a healthier, safer environment

1. Subscribe to the IPS Hub

Choose either a monthly or annual plan

2. Access your resources

All Users have quick access to all their Courses.

3. Implement best practices

Empower your staff and foster a culture of infection prevention in your facility

When your infection prevention resources are inadequate and hard to find, you face:

  • Frustrated and Overwhelmed Staff.
  • Unnecessary scrambling during emergencies and outbreaks.
  • Staff wasting time trying to find resources on their own.
  • The risk of failing accreditation.
  • ULTIMATELY, an healthy facility for your staff and residents.
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It doesn't have to be this way. 

Clinically Developed and Evidence based IPC support.
Subscribing to the IPS HUB provides you with:

  • An Easy-to-use Digital Platform for you and your staff.
  • Monthly Reports (Documentation to demonstrate your staff’s IPC readiness).
  • Confidence that new staff will be trained in life-saving infection prevention practices.
  • Assurance that you and your staff are prepared to pass your accreditation.
leading your staff and residents to a healthier future can happen and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Here are our affordable options for you to choose

The HUB, pay monthly

$92/month per facility. 
All your policies and procedures in one place. Immediate access to all the training and education resources. Invoiced monthly in advance.
  • Easy to use 
  • All users have quick access to all resources
  • Regular updates, 
  • A Chatbot provides immediate help
  • Pricing is for one facility, includes GST. 
  • Terms & Conditions apply 

The HUB, pay annually

$994 per year (save $110)
The Infection Prevention HUB is one of the top platforms to access resources for nurses and care staff. Everything is easy. One invoice  per year. 
  • Easy to use Digital Tool Box
  • All users have quick access to all resources
  • Regular updates, 
  • A Chatbot provides immediate help
  • Pricing is for one facility, includes GST
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Flip Charts for sale

$139 each
These essential, quick and easy infection prevention resources can now be bought on line. Buy individually or buy a bundle of five or more to receive a 10% discount and save $70.
  • Clinical, cleaning, kitchen, laundry and outbreak flip charts now available.
  • Pricing includes GST and Freight.
  • Terms and conditions apply

Save time, easy to use, all there at your fingertips.

We understand that your residents and staff's safety and well-being are non-negotiable. The IPS digital tool kit is evidence-based and reflects the latest in best practices and contemporary nursing. 
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Buy other essential infection prevention Products!

Essential reference aids and tools for improving hand hygiene.

Flip Charts

Confidently address infection prevention concerns.

Hand Hygiene Kit

Discover a powerful ally in your quest for better hygiene.

Our IPS Courses

Enhance your expertise with our IPS Courses. We understand Aged Care, tailoring our training modules for your IPC Leads and individual roles from Maintenance to the Healthcare Worker. 
Laundry IPS Orientation Module
Cleaning IPS Outbreak Module
Kitchen IPS Orientation Module
IPC Lead Preparing for Success Modules
Maintenance Outbreak Module
IPC Lead Monthly Module Program
Administration IPC Orientation Module
Kitchen Outbreak Modules
Laundry Outbreak Modules
Healthcare Worker IPC Orientation Modules
Healthcare Workers Outbreak Module
Cleaners Outbreak Module
Cleaning Team IPC Orientation Module
Kitchen Outbreak Module

Join the ranks of facilities prioritising infection prevention

The IPS Hub has been instrumental in transforming our approach to infection prevention. Our staff are better equipped and more confident in managing potential outbreaks.”
 Rebecca Johnson, Facility Manager
Subscribing to The IPS Hub was a game-changer for our facility. The resources are comprehensive and easy to access, making it seamless to implement best practices.” 
David Rodriguez, Nursing Supervisor
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